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The Cure for the Summertime Blues is Therapy!

Since my daughter was 3, she would burst into tears seemingly out of nowhere the week before school ended. This always happens right before bedtime. Finally, after listening, validating, and working on getting  her into a calm state, she can articulate that she will miss her teacher and she is scared of having a new one My daughter creates strong bonds with her teachers, and we have been fortunate  to have amazing teachers who truly support her. This time of the year can be bittersweet for a lot of people. It’s a big change, and change is hard! There can be many emotions: relief that the year is ending, and summer is starting, excitement at completing another grade or graduating, fear of what’s to come, curiosity about the next school year, or a mixture of everything! 

Generally, people’s  moods tend to improve in the summer. In the psychotherapy industry, it’s common to see attendance dwindle and clients expressing that they don’t feel that they need their sessions. Many factors could contribute to this such as vacations, sleep-away camps, lack of school pressure, increased sunshine, or lighter workloads. Regardless of the reason, summer can actually be the best time to begin therapy. 

  1. It’s easier to get in! Therapists often have increased openings in the summer (see above reasons). Oftentimes, waiting lists disappear, making it easier to see a mental health professional quickly. 

  2. Better schedule! Setting your schedule over the summer often means therapists can continue with that time slot during the school year ensuring a time that works for youLess clouding your mind: When relaxed and calm, it can be much easier to identify patterns, set goals, and establish changes that you want to make. 

  3. More time! Summer allows for more time to do “homework” for therapy such as worksheets, daily practice, meditation, more frequent sessions, increased time being introspective, and tracking of progress

  4. Improve habits: Establishing a regular therapy schedule when your routine is lighter can set you up for success in the coming year. Once you get in the habit of attending sessions, it’s easier to continue going when your schedule becomes busier

  5. Set yourself up for success: For students, brainstorming and implementing strategies BEFORE the school year starts can be set them up for success in the fall. 

  6. More emotionally in control: Many people report improved moods in the summer, making them feel more in control of their emotions.When something upsetting or triggering is brought up in session, clients often feel more comfortable examining these emotions and less “raw” which can often lead them to feel able to work through concerns with less hesitation.

  7. You likely have more free time! It can be very easy to put off starting therapy during the school year due to more obligations and stressors. Summer is a great time to finally get started!

  8. It can be a family affair! When family members are home more during the school year, there can often be more tension in the household. Attending family therapy sessions inthe summer allows your family  to resolve conflicts, as well as determine better ways of managing them. 

  9. Treat yourself! Therapy is a way to honor yourself and your time, helping you  determine what is standing in your way of feeling better and living your best life!  

If you’ve  been considering starting or returning to therapy, now is the best time to start your journey!   


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