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  • Can I use my health insurance to pay for visits?
    Absolutely! All health insurance plans cover mental health visits to varying degrees. We will provide you with a receipt called a "Superbill" that you can use to submit to your insurance plan for reimbursement. We encourage you to contact your insurance company prior to your visit so to learn about the benefits of your specific plan. When contacting your insurance, we suggest asking the following: Do I have any out of network benefits? What is the out-of-pocket deductible for out of network providers? Am I responsible for paying my deductible before sessions are covered? What is the out of network out of pocket maximum? What would my co-insurance/co-payment be? What is the “allowed amount” for a 90837 (Individual 55 minute session) or 90847 (Family therapy)? (This is the total amount that insurance plans would reimburse for each specific service.) Is pre-authorization required for Mental Health sessions? MCPS Employees: Cigna may reimburse you up to 80% of the full fee! Check your plan for details. If you do not have any Out of Network benefits, some of our clinicians are able to offer "sliding scale rates" which are lower rates due to financial need. You will be able to discuss this in your complimentary 15 minute consultation with a provider. Please note that we are considered an "Out of Network" provider. You can also utilize Reimbursify to check your benefits: Or file claims:
  • How do I know how much services will cost?
    Remember, therapy is an investment in yourself and your family. It's like having a personal trainer for your brain. During the complimentary consultation call, our providers are happy to provide you with rates and information regarding payments. Remember that these rates are before any reimbursement that you may receive from your insurance company. Upon scheduling with a provider, you will find all of our fees per service (generally $170-$300) in the policy statement on our client portal. ​While working with your therapist, you will discuss course of treatment and treatment length. Due to the nature of therapy, this can change based on life circumstances throughout the process. You have the right to be aware of costs of services and we will inform you of changes.
  • Do you take Credit Cards or HSA/FSA Cards?
    Yes. For your convenience, we do not charge a fee for using Credit or Debit cards of any kind. If you have any HSA/FSA benefits, you can use this for payment as well. There is no additional fee for using a credit/debit card.
  • Can you help me file my claims to insurance?
    Each client gets one free claim submission from Reimbursify:
  • I see you have multiple therapists. Am I able to choose which therapist I will see?
    Great question! When you contact us, we attempt to accommodate any specific requests. If the therapist you wish to see is unavailable, you will hear from a therapist who has availability based on your needs or be offered a spot on our waiting list. Many of our groups have "rolling admission" so that can be a great way to get support more quickly! If you are paired with a therapist that is not your first choice, we encourage you to at least try two sessions with that therapist before making a decision. A lot of therapy has to do with "fit" between the therapist and the client. The first session can often be awkward, so it can be difficult to accurately gauge after only one session. If you feel that the clinician is not a good fit, let them know (we won't take it personally!) We can often connect you with someone else in the practice that may be a better match for your needs.
  • Do you see adults too, or only kids and teens?
    Yes! Of course we see adults. Although many of our clients are teens and children, our clinicians have years of experience working with adults as well. We work closely with parents, couples and families as well.
  • How will I know if/when therapy is working?
    Many clients feel better after the first session. While there is no set number of sessions for therapy, you should notice your self-awareness and insight increasing after the first few sessions. It's important to keep in mind that therapy can be similar to training for a marathon and will take work outside of the session too. Therapy can bring up emotional discomfort and sometimes you may feel worse during or after a session. It's important to communicate what you are experiencing to your therapist as sessions go on so that your therapist can work with you to help you meet your goals. We are open to hearing your feedback and want therapy to be a collaborative experience.
  • Will my session be in person or virtual?
    Ultimately, the safety of our clients and therapists is our priority. In-person sessions will be available based on clinician availbility. We follow state/local laws regarding mask mandates. All offices have air purifiers and we sanitize as often as possible. With in-person sessions, if you feel that you may possibly be ill, the therapist will offer a telehealth session. We have had great success with Telehealth/Video therapy sessions. We attempt to make virtual visits as similar as possible to in-person sessions. Our clinicians and clients have been grateful for this option.
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