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For Teens: What you need to know




     Being a teenager can have a lot of ups and downs. The idea of coming to therapy can be scary. It is important to know that nothing is “wrong” with you. Sometimes, it’s just nice to have the chance to speak with someone who will listen and support you without judging you. In sessions, we discuss what YOU want to talk about and it is YOUR time to vent about things that have been frustrating, stressful, upsetting or annoying for you and help you figure out the best way to deal with what has been going on.

     Another thing about counseling is that we won’t tell your parent/guardian exactly what we talk about in sessions. What happens in therapy, stays in therapy. We will make sure to check with you before we share anything with your parent/guardian or we will work WITH you to be able to communicate your needs or worries directly to them. The only way we would share information with your parents without your permission is if we are concerned that you are in danger in any way.

     We hope that you will find that therapy is not uncomfortable or strange and give it a chance. You can try meeting with one of us and see if it will work for you. If not, we encourage you to try talking to someone else. Either way, remember that therapy should give you the chance to feel comfortable expressing yourself and help you better manage problems you may be going through.


     Feel free to have your parent/guardian contact us with any questions.