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Is this Relationship Really Still Right for Me? 

Feeling disconnected from your partner? Are your needs being met? Do you feel as if the person you are with now is not the same person you married? Are the stresses of life, work, or kids making it impossible to feel connected to your partner? 

Perhaps you have hit a roadblock with your partner and you want to determine ways to resolve the conflict, or you find yourself not liking who you have become when you are with your partner.  

Many individuals come to a point in their relationship where they question whether or not to stay. This can be terrifying. No one enters into a marriage thinking, "I want to get divorced in 10 years!"  

It's common for couples to feel like they are in a "rut" after being married for some time, especially when they have the stress of young kids. Sessions with a trained psychotherapist can help to reboot and "unstick" your relationship. 

Relationships Require Maintenance Too

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It's not uncommon for couples to bicker, disagree, or become annoyed with one another. Over time and with increased responsibilities, people can change and this can put strain on a couple. Just like cars require oil changes, couples therapy can help to make adjustments so that partners continue to feel connected and to work toward longevity. 

If you find that you and your partner are arguing more often than enjoying each other, than couples counseling can be a helpful option to support you in reconnecting and rebuilding with your partner. Couples who dedicate themselves to the therapy process express feeling renewed and that they have a more positive outlook on the future. 

You Can Rekindle Your Connection... 

Our Licensed Clinicians utilize skills from the Gottman Method, EFT, conflict management, CBT, and solution focused therapy to cater sessions to your specific goals and desires. 

Many of our clinicians are parents themselves, and we know the importance of maintaining your relationship while taking on the role of parent. 

In sessions, we can work on parenting differences, division of labor challenges, communication, rebuilding trust and intimacy, and discovering how your relationship can adapt to suit your current stage in life. 

Your Relationship, 2.0

Our clinicians strive to ensure that both members of a couple feel heard and understood. It takes two to tango and both partners need to be in sync for a relationship to thrive.


Curious Couples therapy is right for you? Contact us with any questions.

My Partner Refuses to Join a Session...Now What? 

Leave that to us... our clinicians are always open to discuss reservations or concerns with partners. We do our best to remain neutral throughout the therapy process and create a safe environment so that each partner feels equally heard and understood. 

Building the Foundation...

Premarital counseling can be a wonderful option in building the foundation for a strong relationship in the future. With the initial excitement of a relationship engagement and the "honeymoon period," many couples don't know how to truly prepare for a solid, secure life together. 

With premarital counseling, our clinicians can ask tough questions to bring concerns out into the open and facilitate an open dialogue in a safe, non-judgmental space. Premarital counseling can help to create an even stronger foundation for you and your partner. 

Should I Stay or Should I Go? 

Many couples wait until what feels like the "point of no return" in a relationship to seek couples therapy. If you are in a state of desperation about what to do in your relationship, our clinicians can support you and your partner in determining which direction to take. In an ideal world, all couples' stay together "until death do us part" but unfortunately, not all couples last the test of time. 

In couples therapy sessions, you can work with your partner to make strong efforts to implement changes at home and process how these changes impact the relationship and determine how to move forward. 

We Work in Collaboration with Each Other

Our clinicians frequently work in collaboration with one another to ensure cohesive, quality care. If you give us permission, we are always willing to work with therapists that see members of the couple individually (whether they are at our practice or otherwise). We want the therapy process to be effective and a worthwhile investment. 

Featured Couples Psychotherapists

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