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Why Can't I Get it Together?!?

Do you wake up in the morning feeling motivated, and by mid-morning, you find yourself lost in thought or completely behind? Do you feel like you "missed a class" in life and other people just "do life" better than you? Have you tried multiple techniques and strategies to feel more productive or happier, but none of them work? 

Growing up in a society where one is supposed to act a certain way to "fit in" and to be able to function in a school that is not made for the ADHD brain can be painful and disheartening. This can shape how you feel about yourself the rest of your life.

Many folks with ADHD are extremely hard on themselves, often experiencing depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. 

What would live be like if you could sustain your motivation and get more accomplished each day? 

You don't need to be exactly like everyone else. 

Many adults to now "outgrow" ADHD symptoms and in fact, they become more of a challenge in our post-pandemic, work from home and make our own schedules world.

Many women do not get diagnosed until later in life when their obligations grow exponentially and the old strategies they utilized no longer work. Thankfully, there is much more understanding, education, and acceptance of ADHD. 

Our practice affirms neurodiversity and our clinicians collaborate with you to identify your personal objectives, uncover obstacles, and support you in being accountable to attain your goals. We work with the tools and strengths you already have and build on them! Our clinicians teach tools like mindfulness strategies, CBT techniques, executive functioning skills and mood regulation skills and actively follow up each session to ensure the strategies are actually working! 

Working with a skilled, trained psychotherapist can help you feel better about yourself and your future. 

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Living with a Partner or Child with ADHD?

Do you find yourself losing patience, on edge, frustrated, or wondering why your partner or child doesn't handle things the same way you do? Are you constantly feeling as though you are nagging, organizing, cleaning, or giving reminders multiple times a day?

According to the CDC, about 6 in 10 children are diagnosed with ADHD as of 2022, and about half of those kids have also been diagnosed with anxiety, depression or learning differences. Parents often wonder whether or not to medicate their children and this can cause a great deal of tension between them. Girls are often not diagnosed as they can tend to internalize their symptoms, or they can be misdiagnosed as depression or anxiety. Seeing your child struggle in school or at home can be upsetting and make you feel helpless. 

It can be difficult to know the steps someone needs to take to help themselves and yet nothing you do or say helps them to follow through. Oftentimes, there can be guilt involved in balancing managing your needs and those of your family members. 

Our clinicians help to give you skills and strategies to help support your partner or child who is diagnosed with ADHD to improve your relationship and ease daily life. 

I'm Ready to Grow!

We are thrilled to have our amazing clinicians who are eager to help you grow and embrace your true self! Life can be challenging, but with our support, it can be a lot easier. Let us be there for you every step of the way!

Can a Therapist Really Help Me? 

We have worked with many individuals diagnosed with ADHD and those who suspect they have it but have gone undiagnosed. Our clients express that they feel heard, validated, and understood in sessions. We have supported teens who were failing to graduate High School and helped clients find new jobs and become financially successful.


Tried therapy in the past but it wasn't helpful?  If you have had a disappointing therapy experience in the past, we want to know about it! Our therapists know that "fit" can be one of the most important factors in whether or not therapy is successful. Many clients who have had negative experiences with therapy in the past find sessions with PRN Counseling's clinicians to be rewarding and refreshing. We want our clients' honest feedback and adapt sessions to what clients find useful for them. 

We are active and give tangible strategies that you can use to improve executive functioning, manage mood, and improve your day-to-day. Don't despair if nothing has worked before; we want to know what you've tried and what got in the way before.  We know that therapy isn't "one size fits all" and that being flexible is critical in being able to support our clients effectively. 

You're already starting your research, so take advantage of your motivation now! Schedule your complimentary consultation call! 

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