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Taking the first step

Thank you for considering us in your search for someone to work with your child. We know it can be a difficult choice and it's important to find someone who is the right "fit" for your child. 


We know that parenting is HARD! Parenting a teen is even harder! Especially now with social media, video games, smartphones, and the pressures of schools in our area. 


If your child is asking for help or if they are struggling: don't hesitate and don't delay! We know that it can be scary when your child asks to see a therapist or if someone recommends therapy for your child, but as they say "it takes a village." Let us help be the support that your child needs to help them thrive in this high stress, high-pressure world.


When we work with your child, we meet with you as well to keep you engaged in the therapy process. We give you tips and guidance to help your child in their current stage. However, our goal is to build a therapeutic alliance with your child so that they feel comfortable confiding in us, therefore, confidentiality between the therapist and the child is key. We also offer parent coaching and parent support groups! 


If you are thinking about therapy: don't put yourself on the back-burner as many parents do! We know that by taking care of ourselves, we are in turn helping those around us (especially if we have kids!). Remember, our kids are watching us even when we don't realize it, so modeling a good relationship with therapy can encourage kids to seek out support when they are adults as well.

Translate Please!

We consider ourselves fluent in "teen" and are happy to help translate to parents!  We understand the delicate balance of how to maintain an alliance with teens while still being able to guide parents as to how to best support their children. 

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